On-site facilities

  • The cell culture platform including the biological resource collection providing viable fresh tumor samples. This tissue bank has been designed to collect, store, and annotate lymph node, bone marrow, and blood samples obtained from lymphoma patients collected in several clinical centers in Brittany (BREHAT-OncoBretagne network), and from normal donors (French Blood Bank volunteers for peripheral blood, young children undergoing tonsillectomy, and patients with cardiac surgery for bone marrow samples).
  • The basic molecular biology platform
  • The flow cytometry platform equipped with 2 multicolor instruments:
    • a 3 lasers / 10 colors Gallios flow cytometer (Beckman Coulter) for basic analyses,
    • a 3lasers / 9-colors CyAn flow cytometer (Beckman Coulter) dedicated to the identification and the characterization of rare events like stromal cell subsets.


Off-site facilities

  • IFR 140 core facilities:
    • The light microscopy facility include in the Microscopy Rennes Imaging Center (MRic IBISA platform) and equipped with wide-field microscopes, confocal microscopes including one with spinning disk technology, videomicroscopy, and image processing workstations,
    • The L3 culture laboratory which comprised a dedicated zone for lentivirus production,
    • The mouse facility,
    • The cell sorting platform equipped with a FACSAria cell sorter (Becton Dickinson).
  • The Biogenouest Microarray IBISA platform of Rennes providing Agilent and Illumina technologies for transcriptome, genome and methylome analysis as well as qPCR equipments and tools in statiscal analysis.