Our Thematic

Our laboratory investigates non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), a group of cancers affecting mature B lymphocytes, whose incidence has been rising steadily for 40 years in developed countries and is now the 6th cancer in France. Recent genetics mapping and histology characterizations stress that lymphomagenesis is a complex multi-stage process including early recurrent chromosomal translocations, causing the overexpression of oncogenes such as BCL2 or BCL6, genetic damages and additional strong interactions with a specialized microenvironment changing dynamically during tumor progression. Our work specifically investigates the host / tumor crosstalk within the tumor niche through molecular and functional approaches. This project is possible thanks to a close collaboration between biologists and clinicians and the availability of a lymphoma tumor bank fed by an optimized network for tumor recruitment.

Our main research strategies are:

  • The characterization of the interface between tumor cells and non tumor cells through prospective studies of DNA chips on isolated cell compartments.
  • The study of stromal cells from lymph nodes and bone marrow combining transcriptomic approaches and original in vitro models to reconstitute the tumor niche.
  • The study of other cells supporting tumor growth in particular T follicular helper (TFH) and monocytes / macrophages.
  • The valorisation of our work through three approaches supported by industry and PHRC programs: i) the analysis of the action of anti-tumor drugs in our niche tumor models, ii) the identification of lymphoma biomarkers in peripheral blood and iii) the therapeutic use of stromal cells, particularly mesenchymal stem cells (MSC).

Expertise / technology skills
- Cell Culture
- Transcriptomics
- Flow cytometry including multi-colour analysis and cell sorting
- Microscopy (deconvolution, confocal)
- B Lymphoma
- Immunology
- Mesenchymal stem cells
- Clinical Trials