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I started my pharmacist studies in the university of Angers. Then, I went on an internship in suburban Paris, during which my interest in cancer biology grew quickly. I followed by studying the immune system of cancer patients working for 4years and half in Inserm U805 lab, headed by Pr Laurence Zitvogel in Gustave Roussy Institute in Villejuif. In her lab, I finished my internship and obtained my Master and Philosophical Degree in Immunology. Then I moved to Rennes to be part of Karin Tarte’s team and first managed the INCa-sponsored protocol coordonated by Thierry Fest in the University Hospital. This biological study aims at delineating the non tumoral microenvironment bone marrow composition (immune and stromal) of follicular lymphoma patients.
Since September 2008, I am assistant professor in the « laboratoire de Suivi Immunologique des Thérapies Innovantes (SITI) » created by Karin. My job is to set up of new immunomonitoring techniques and to put them into practice in national and european stem cell therapy protocols involving the immune system. Some of them will address the beneficial properties of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) in clinical settings, especially patients suffering from various inflammatory diseases. Other trials will deal with cancer immunotherapy, in particular the pivotal role of dendritic cells, the cornerstone of the antitumor immune response mediated by T and NK lymphocytes.