Organization of information

The site is organized in the following way:

  • a stringcourse of heading: choice of the language, direct access;
  • one or more menus;
  • the contents of the page appear in the central zone;
  • a footer allows to reach some complementary services: plan of the site, information on the site (legal mentions), addresses of contact, flow RSS and access to a version text of the page.

Helps with navigation: short cuts keyboard

Caution: not to use the numeric keypad


Here the list of the short cuts keyboard usable on this site:

  • Touch 0 - reception of the site of university
  • Touch 1 - Banner page of the site
  • Touch 2 - Direct access
  • Touch 3 - To seek on the site
  • Touch 4 - Contents of the site
  • Touch 5 - Plan of the site
  • Touch 6 - Appropriations and legal Mentions
  • Touch 7 - Contact
  • Touch 8 - Accessibility
  • Touch 9 - Version text

The combinations of keys to activate these short cuts are different according to the navigator used:

  • Internet Explorer under Windows: Alt and [Shortened keyboard], then Entered
  • Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox under Windows: Alt and [Shortened keyboard]
  • Opera 7 Windows pennies, under Macintosh and Linux: Maj + Echap and [Shortened keyboard]
  • Safari under Macintosh: Ctrl and [Shortened keyboard]

Other assistances with navigation

It is possible to use the key “Tab” to walk on of bonds in bonds throughout the page.

Respect of the standards Web

This site wants to present best the " usabilité" possible. We wish to offer the broadest possible access to information present on this site. This wish pushed us to apply the many recommendations as well as possible; accessibility of the W3C by taking care in particular that:

  • the images present relevant alternative texts;
  • contrasts of colors are sufficient for an easy reading;
  • the pages are correctly structured and uniform;
  • the changes of language are announced;
  • opening of new windows remains limited to the maximum and l' user is warned as a preliminar;
  • on the forms exist labels.

During its creation, this site was conceived to respect the standards in force concerning the HTML and the style sheets. We bring since a constant care to maintain this site with an high level of quality. Nevertheless, being given its deeply dynamic and alive side, it is possible that certain elements can, by inadvertency, to be punctually damaged or degraded. Certain zones of the site are for moment excluded from this perimeter and are generally in the course of recasting.

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